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Why not to come to Italy and work with us?

We are looking for English mother-tongue linguistic assistants and tutors for our projects:

  • Learning English with Native Speakers (LENS): the Linguistic Assistants work part-time from January 30th for 2 or 4 months, in primary and/or secondary schools in Italy, supporting the work of the Italian teachers.
  • Summer Camps: the camps take place in June, July, the last week of August and the first week of September.They’re based in Italian primary and secondary schools during summer holidays and they are very different from an usual school activity.

We also have another project called Kindergartens Linguistic Assistants (KLA), which is currently taking place in Mantova, so that for now we don’t need other applicants for that. However, if you think you could be interested in working as linguistic assistant with the Kindergarten range of age (children from 3 to 5), tell us: we will insert you in our data base for the next year.

LENS targets

The aims of the LENS project are various. The general target is to support and promote the spontaneous children communication in English. The specific targets are:

  • letting children communicate and interact with an English mother-tongue teacher;
  • letting children experience a variety of Anglo-Saxon games and teaching’s approach in the school they attend while enriching the didactic tools of Italian teachers;
  • enriching children’s and Italian teachers’ vocabulary and linguistic competences;
  • allowing the linguistic assistant professional growth in his/her didactic and educational competences by working in different class-groups led by professional teachers.
  • giving Italian teachers resources such as songs, games, simple words to use during daily routines, which can be used also when the linguistic assistant is not in the class.

The assistant agrees with the Italian teacher of each class how to lead the activity: which theme to focus on and how, whether to keep the class-group or to split it, which kind of activities to suggest (e.g. physical activities, songs, drama or artistic activities).
For the Italian law and coherently with the LENS project, the italian class-teacher is fully responsible for the children’s well-being and learning.
The linguistic assistant plays the role of creating and suggesting interactive activities around Anglo-Saxon themes to make learning Anglo-Saxon language and culture more interesting. It even plays the role to put him/herself up for being an interested representative of the children natural communication. In this way, he/she reinforces the learning of English that each child triggers spontaneously. That’s why he/she has to necessarily speak only English when speaking to kids.

Summer Camps targets

The aim of the camps is to help children learn English in a fun and enjoyable way, one that differs from the learning method they are used to during the course of the school year. This is accomplished using games, songs and music, drama, role-playing, sport, art, new-media and anything that could stimulate their interest.

Despite being organized within the school buildings, the methods used by the Association are very different. “Alice in Città” furthers teaching methods based on positive emotions, playing games, partecipation and are catered to the children’s fantasies and interests.


Several methods are used to bolster an efficient and enjoyable social environment.
Firstly the creation of small groups helps a direct and efficient communication between children and Tutors. Every group is identified by a group name that relates to the “camp theme” which provides a narrative background fuelling the children’s imagination and keeps their enthusiasm alive during the camp.
To help the children understand what is required of them in each given moment, each day at the camp is divided into recognizable “containers” included in the daily schedule which are specific for each project (Summer City Camp, English Summer Camp and Beautiful September).
These “containers” assure that during the day children are given the opportunity to experience different activities such as Art and Body Expression and, as a result, each child should take part in activities that he/she really enjoys and is good at.

The organization places emphasis on enabling children to focus their attention during the different activities and to develop their self-esteem.

Follow the links on the website to find a more detailed description of the Camps (What are SCC/ESC/BS?Done at the Camp), two interesting related videos, photos and a web-radio production made by children during previous camps. You can also find and download the documents you should complete to apply – read, fill out the forms and send us your application!


Take advantage of this experience to improve your career chances!
Tutors in our camps have had gratifying and formative experiences. In our ten-years of collaboration with them, we have found that many tutors obtained better jobs following this professional experience and for many this work was acknowledged as school credits for their academic course. We are in the process in making deals with various universities so that the work in the camps can be officially counted as an internship. If you are interested in this possibility, contact us at this email address:

The organization provides with some resources such as books and arts and crafts materials for all the projects. Moreover, during the LENS project, the Linguistic Assistants can use the school’s materials and resources, making arrangements with the Italian teachers. Anyway, this is intended to be a “basic kit”, that’s why we ask our Assistants and Tutors to bring their own materials such as:

  • Children Illustrated Books, and also magazines for the older pupils
  • Music and/or DVDs (usb speakers would be really helpful)
  • Flashcards
  • Photocopiable worksheets or activity books
  • Craft materials such as pipe-cleaners, stickers or glitter, that you are not sure can be found in Italy
  • “Parachute” or similar
  • Face painting suitable for children
  • Your music instrument, if you play one and it’s easy to carry
  • Simple costumes, puppets, and anything can be helpful to organize little performances
Didactic material should be selected according to the tutors own skill and preferences and cater for the age-group of children they will be working with.

For Summer City Camp, while choosing their didactic material, tutors should also bear in mind the theme chosen with the camp staff (other tutors and the coordinator) in the social network as this theme will be the narrative background for the whole camp and will be used in the final show.

You should also bring the following for yourself:

  • Sneakers/trainers and closed shoes
  • Comfortable clothes – casual but not too informal (it’s a good idea to bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!)
  • Mosquito repellent (also against tiger-mosquitoes) – Milan is full of mosquitoes!
  • For the summer: sunscreen lotion – The summer here is very hot and sunny!
  • For the winter: warm clothes - …Otherwise winter can be really cold!

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